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We talked a little about termites in our termite baiting discussion, but didn’t really address the second option in termite treatment.   This is called a Termite Liquid Treatment and refers to placing an actual chemical in the ground underneath your home.    This acts as a barrier that prevents subterranean termites from feeding on any wood within the structure.

Termites have specific moisture requirements in order to thrive in their environment.   If are a do-it-yourself type of person, there are a few ways for you to decrease the likelihood of termites coming to your home.

  • Landscaping.  Keep mulch and other plants at least 6 feet away from the structure.  Also remove any trash or debris that may be lurking around.
  • Leaks.  Search & repair any leaks in the plumbing that may be a source of moisture.
  • Gutters.  Not only termites, but other insects can make homes in unclean gutters.  Regular maintenance can help.
  • Additional wood.    Is there firewood nearby?   Are you planning on adding a new porch to the back of your home?   Avoiding wood to earth contact is another way to deter termites, along with keeping firewood a good way away from the property.
  • Siding, brick veneer, or foam insulation should be allowed to extend below the soil grade
  • Remove tree stumps.

However often times this is not enough to keep away termites.    That is when treatments come into play.   A certified pest control operator will apply a termiticide into the ground as a blanket underneath the structure.    This barrier will prevent any termites from coming in from the soil-as well as returning from the soil they came from.     If there are active termites in your home the application will prevent them from returning from their colonies and they will most likely die from dehydration.

How do you know if liquid treatment is the correct choice for you?

There are many advantages to this option.  For one, the termiticide will be active for a number of years after the initial application.   If you have a current termite infestation, you are a good candidate for the liquid treatment.  If you are in the middle of a real estate transaction chemical tends to be preferred as clients don’t have the 2-6 months to wait that the baiting systems require.  Finally, if you live in an attached structure, such as a condo, and the entire structure cannot be baited a chemical treatment is another selection.