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Commercial Pest Control

Effective and Affordable Commercial Pest Control

Protect Your Business!

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Condos
  • Office Property Management
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We customize all commercial pest programs, taking into consideration the client’s needs & the layout of the structure. Offering Pest Control, Extermiation, Termite Treatments, and Animal & Wildlife Removal services, At Green Palm Pest Control, we combine expertise and equipment to better serve exterminating and pest infestation needs. The Green Palm Pest Management Professionals communicate on a regular basis with the employees and owners (when possible) of commercial establishments. Directly communicate any pest issues or concerns to Green Palm staff allows to provide suggestions for ways the mechanically reduce pest pressure of commercial establishment can reduce pest activity. Our staff is on-call should you have an after-hours emergency that requires immediate attention. We are in South Florida to provide answers and pest solutions to your pest problems.

Our commercial pest control services and products to improve the reputation of your business and your bottom line are:

  • Customized fly & rodent control programs.
  • AIB Compliace
  • Commerical Food Processing
  • Commercial Baking
  • Medical Facilities
  • LEED certified buildings pest control (USGBC)
  • Fly Control
  • Store product pest
  • Fly Lights: A wide variety of commercial-grade fly lights are available, including decorative lights for dining areas & other areas where clients are frequently present.
  • Bird Control
  • Assisted Living
  • Luxury Living Facilities
  • Cruise ship treatment

Commercial Pest Control in Palm Beach County, Florida

First things first, pest could to be prove a constant ugly mess for your health and your staff health. Bugs are in continuous search for chewing structures, furniture, food items and anything on which they can lay on their claws. It doesn’t matter from which business sector you belong, from hospitality, education, electrical or pharmaceutical industry, your products and services could be severely hit by the hazards caused by these pesky pests. Starting from the damages to your product itself, fines posed by authorities and constant depletion of reputation and goodwill, there is no way out but to eradicate pests, once and for all!

Selecting a suitable and reliable commercial pest control in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach or in Miami County could turn out to be a daunting task,but here are some quick suggestions:

  • Before tying up your hands by selecting a poor pest exterminator, you must figure out the reliable and active federal or state licenses, trainings and security record of that specific company. A qualified and experienced technician can only comprehend the problems and work effectively to resolve them. You can also look for public record in newspapers and people’s past experiences.
  • You must inquire about the kind of products that would be used by that pest control company and what type of insects or animals they would target on; prefer those ones who utilize environment friendly. Ask about their adherence to EPA laws and regulations for maximum safety.
  • Before starting the work, ask at least three professional exterminators to conduct inspection and account for your pre requisites.
  • Don’t fall for cheap or expensive quotes, because either of it could turn out be devastating.
  • Fly Lights: A wide variety of commercial-grade fly lights are available, including decorative lights for dining areas & other areas where clients are frequently present.
  • Once decided, review their contract for guarantees, price, and length of their treatment and maintenance procedures.

Selecting a local commercial pest control in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach and Miami County, could be beneficial in many ways:

  • A local pest control company is completely aware about the kind of enemies they will be dealing with and thus they have the ultimate know-how about their breeding points, infestation causes and relentless methods for eradication.
  • They are equipped with the knowledge of local weather conditions and their consequent impact on pest infestations.

Your lookout for commercial pest control services for your hard-earned business ends with us, Green Palm Pest Control!

Tell the bugs that the party is over; you have hired the best commercial pest control in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach and in Miami County.