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Ants Control Removal

Ant Extermination and Pest Control in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach

The truth is that one ant means lots of them around and inside structures.  Ant control and ant extermination is one of our biggest forte, please call now for fast and reliable service.

Seeing ants all around you! Do something fast!

Are you continuously spotting ants in your home or office, don’t dare to ignore. Regular spotting means that you have an active ant infestation that could lead to hazardous impact on your business and family life.

Unfortunately, our home Florida is a safe haven for ants’ development, as for their breeding and survival, they like warm and humid environments. Some common species found here are carpenter ants, fire ants, Pharaoh ants, pavement ants and house ants.

Quick facts about ants:

What adds to this big headache causing problem is that ants can easily enter human habitats through slightest of spaces, crevices, cracks and gaps, which might be unidentifiable through naked eye

Ants get attracted to sugary and greasy food items, which our children love and need all the time. It should be noted that each ant leave behind a chemical called pheromone, for other ants to detect and follow, exhibiting immense coordination and teamwork.

Life span of ants is fairly large, a worker ant’s life may extend to seven years and meanwhile a queen ant may live up to fifteen years.

The life cycle of these tiny nuisances is fairly quick. Beginning from eggs which have a size of half of a millimeter in diameter, the next stage is larvae. A larva has a tremendous appetite, fulfilled by other adult worker ants. Pupa is the second last stage, in which their antenna and legs are folded. Soon after this, an adult ant appears.

Moreover, ants spare no place from laying eggs, from foundations, windows railings, walls, their nests are everywhere. You would be amazed to know that these tiny can form thousands of colonies, comprising up to 300 to 600 thousands of ants. Oh, man! It is hard to win over them!

Common problems caused by ants:

Without losing a single moment, ants gets to our nerves due to their small size, big amounts and stubborn nature. Consistent views of these harassing pests, causes irritability and a common scare for parents of young children and toddlers, as their bites could turn out to be very painful and itchy. Nobody wants to pacify yelling and agitated toddlers all the time, isn’t it?

Adding to more difficulties is the fact that ants could easily cause damages to your property structures and thus thousands of dollars. Ants are able to bore down through wooden structures, floors or walls, injuring the joists and studs, resulting in sudden collapse over a period of time. This means that people living or using such weakened structures are in risk of constant scare, which is clearly dear to no one.

Do you think that’s it? To be honest, this is just the starting! People often find their food items left unattended in kitchen or elsewhere to be contaminated with the uninvited sharing by ants.

Ant infestation must be taken seriously as some ants, namely Pharaoh ants can transmit germs and bacteria to us or our cherished pets.

Not to mention, the embarrassment that these stubborn pests cause. Whenever you are expecting your biggest client or when you are hosting a memorable party in your home, this becomes the right time for the ants to appear and put you in an awkward moment of discomfort and blush.

People facing the problem of ant infestation, initially opt for do-it-yourself methods. But fail to recognize that ant infestation could become persistent problem, if it is not mended by specialists.

A large majority of the DIY measures are targeted to ants, which are visible and within few days ants usually come back as they do not get eliminated from their nests. In addition to this, different sorts of ants require different types of care and treatment, which only a professional ant exterminator can understand and put into practice.

Now, it is up to you, whether call an ant exterminator or wait for the problem to get worse by putting your health, goodwill and money at stake.

Don’t settle for a lesser one; choose wisely, ant control should be your priority.

It all starts with a single call to us!

At Green Palm Pest Control, we strive to bring you best of the best services under one roof, for a cleaner and safer living or working environment. Believe it or not, we have all the expertise and experience to be one of the pioneer ant exterminators in the whole southern Florida area, consumingentirely non-toxic treatments.

Simply, we know the game!

Since several decades, we have been involved in this care, providing external and internal ant control for homes as well as commercial purposes. We have earned great satisfaction and rapport from our clients over these years, as we offer tremendous efficient and effective removal of ants, comprehensively from the very roots.

Let’s stand together like the Rock of Gibraltar, against our mutual enemy and keep them where they should be.