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Pest Control Services Open on Saturdays and Sundays

Protect your Home and Family

Our family has been offering Pest Control and Extermination Services since 1985.  We have expanded to service the Miami Metropolitan Area while keeping the same personal service in Palm Beach County.  Please call to get fast, reliable, and effective extermination services.

  • Looking for a Family Business with vast pest control and exterminator knowledge, right price, and love for their work.  Call 305-741-6438 for a free estimate.
  • Our staff responds quickly and prepared to help with emergencies and maintenance pest control or extermination services.
  • We can help, solve, and maintain your property free of insect infestations with our certified enthomologist, knowledgeble staff, and trainned exterminator technicians.
  • Call us for information and with questions about any insect or animal.  Our initial visit does include current problem treatment and entire home evaluation by one of our professional exterminators.
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Green Palm Pest Control Opens on Weekends

We know our customers and most of them are very busy working and/or taking care of their family and duties during the week, so we started offering our pest control services on Saturdays and Sundays as well, to meet their busy schedule.  

Below there is information about our fumigation services that we offer in South Florida, mainly in Miami County and Broward County. (West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, etc).  

Feel free to call at any time 561.755.7378 for a free quote or to schedule an appointment with us.

How can be home pest infection harmful to us?

If an average person is asked where he feels most protected, his most obvious answer would be his home. A home is a place where he enjoys his freedom and prosperity without any fear of intrusion but what if we know that our home could be the shelter for unwanted guests? These guests pose immense hazards to the health and living of our loved ones without any discrimination.  

For the starting, when pests come in contact with food, they transmit detrimental bacteria, prone to food causing illnesses. Probability of getting infection of dangerous diseases like Hepatitis A, Shigellosis, Salmonellosis, Trachoma and multitude of other life endangering diseases are a result of exposure to pests.  

Additionally, home pest infections could pose serious damages to your property structure, making it liable to instability and fire harms, causing further life risking dangers.  

Homeowners could easily become subjects of stings of many insects, even inside their homes, from bees to mosquitos, all pose crucial threats. Moreover, rodents are a common source of chewing down electrical wires around the property, posing serious dangers of electric shocks and short circuits, leading to fires if not.  

If pests run around in and out of your home, generally it could give a very poor impression of your personality and tastes. Nobody wants to have an unwelcome mascot!  

Pest Infectionin your home could reduce its value, due to obvious structural or electrical damages. In case you are planning to sell out your home in near future and determined to attain good value for money, you should put your right step forward by first controlling home pest infection and bearing pest infection costs.  

Let’s have a quick rundown of the potential damages of pest infection imposedon Americans:

A recent consumer survey reported that 93 percent American home owners had serious concerns of locating pests inside their home boundaries.  

Ants are ranked at the very top of the list of Nuisance Pests in US by Pest  

Termites eat and destroy 24/7, according to Pest, causing $5 billion worth damages in American homes and their constituents annually, which big shots like Bill Gates would consider a colossal price tag.

Allergens from cockroaches are the top 3 causing asthma in American children as stated by the National Pest Management Association.  

This is a hard reality that Americans have found to digest but every word of it is true and authentic. From munching down property to stealing food items from homes to spreading fatal diseases through ticks, mites and fleas, pests let loose a fury of pain and agony very hard struck to home owners, making pest infection costsjustified and reasonable.  

Don’t delay, act now and contact professional pest control services open even on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Who are the common fury causing trespassers?

Hell hath no fury like a home runner who leaves no stone unturned to keep her family happy and safe but find regular sprawls of filth aiding cockroaches in her home. They are usually found in intimate places, carrying germs and bacteria wherever they go, from trash cans, sewerage pipelines to utensils and cutlery in kitchens, they can be found everywhere in a inflicted property as they multiply exponentially in no time. Posing serious threats of diseases such as food poisoning, fever and what not!  

Nobody wants to be friend with rodents. They multiply in a blink of an eye and are great carriers of heath risking germs and bacteria on surfaces, food and objects across the board. It is imperative that their presence is quickly investigated and resolved; otherwise it is very difficult to exterminate them.  

Being a fruitful part of the ecological system in woods, termite occurrences in residential settings is very harmful. As they chew up wooden structures, home owners are prone to countless health and fire risks.  

Causing much irritation and good night sleep deprivation are the bed bugs. Their bites are a common nuisance equally among children and adults. Although, they do not cause serious health issues, alike others, but create escalateditchiness.  

How Home Pest Infection Triggers?

People often store objects in huge quantities which are often of no value to them and soon this hoarding becomes a safe haven for pests to prosper. First things first, have a regular check up on accumulating useless items in your homes and cleaning such spots.  

One of the foremost sources of attracting pests is food spills and leftovers left open across the house. Clean and wipe whenever food items drop or are spilled and leaving food sources unattended, preventing any kind of lure for pests to enter your home.  

You must note the occurrence of any openings or cracks on your windows, vents, pipes or foundation walls, as only through them these unwelcomed guests enter your property and causes wrath.  

Any form of garbage, sewerage or dirt attracts pests towards them. Ensure that your home remains clean and tidy, disposing any sort of rubbish in adequately.  

Moisture is an immense booster for unwanted pests in your home. Pests are in constant lookout for water leakages or accumulation for surviving and laying eggs.  

Talk to your neighbors and see what they could do to keep pests out of their homes too. A joint effort is always well-appreciated! Take assistance of pest control services open on Saturdays and Sundays for a combined effort during weekends.  

Start from the very beginning and nip it in the bud. Don’t allow your American Dream be inflicted by nuisance causing pests and don’t fall for do-it-yourself mantra.Sit back and let experts do this pain stricken work for you. Choose wisely and hire Green Palm’s pest inspection services for a complete and long lasting peace of mind, where every penny of your pest infection costsare utilized to the best.  

We will be there at any time at any day; our pest control is open on Saturdays and Sundays.  

Remember bugs like it hot, making our home Florida, a very common victim. So don’t let pests turn your dream world into a creepy world and take things in control.  

With anexpedient location in Coral Gables and Boynton Beach, Green Palm Pest Control is always on the go to care for you. Tons of experience under our belt, Green Palm offer exquisite pest infection servicesfor the interiors of your home as well as your lawn care to keep out the pests away from your home. Our pest control services are open on Sundays for your ultimate suitability, without any delay we would be at your doorstep.  

We propose tailor made pest infection services, depending upon the extent of pest infection and all-year round satisfaction guaranteed, by professional pest control of ants, spiders, mosquitoes, rodents to termite tent and fumigation, liquid treatment and bayting systems, all these pest control open on Sundays as well.  

For a cleaner and safer home…we are a phone call away! We won’t stop, until these nasty pests are out.  

It’s our motto to provide quality and safe living without any mishaps. Home pest infection is a common turbulence, from Alaska to Miami and it’s high time that you get smart about it.