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Animal Removal Services

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Animal Removal in Miami Dade and Palm Beach County

Green Palm Pest Control offers a large number of rat and rodent trapping and animal removal services and products. With locations in Coral Gables and Boynton Beach, Florida, Animal removal is one of our prime services.

  • Fast and Reliable Trapping of Rats or Animals inside attics, crawl spaces, or interior of buildings.
  • Perimeter inspections and exterior opening seal ups to prevent any animal from entering structures.
  • Rat Extermination bait boxes and products to maintained a Rat Free environment.
  • Desinfection and Sanitation services for Wildlife Infestations.

Kids as well as home and business owners are excited to see squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife in their natural habitats.  It is crucial to keep wildlife out of our living and working environments.  When small animals nest, reproduce and live inside structures, they have many adverse effects on humans besides keeping you awake at night or disturbing your customers.  Small animals can decrease the quality of the air that habitats breathe by urinating and defecating throughout structures.  Also, they cause major damage to property and food when chewing wires, containers, water pipes, and air ducts just to mention a few.

At Green Palm Pest Control we use green and humane practices when performing animal removal services.  If you encounter or want to prevent wildlife from entering your environments please call 305.741.6438 or 561.755.7378 for a complete home or business analysis.

Bats, rats, mice, flying squirrels, gray squirrels, carpenter bees, bird control, yellow jackets, coyotes, wasps, dead animals, mice, hornets, pigeons, opossums, honey bees, beavers, raccoons, bee nest removal, foxes, skunks, many more…

  • Prompt response. equipped and trained to control and remove almost any nuisance animal.
  • Equipped and trained to control and remove any bee or hornet.
  • Real solutions that will last many years.
  • Licence holders in Nuisance Wildlife Control.
  • Trapping and repair specialists.
  • Estimates, agreements, and warranties for all our animal exclusion and damage repair work.

The most important animal in south florida damaging homes is the Rat. Green Palm Pest Control Rat Removal and Critter Removal service. Traps animals, seal homes, and removes contaminated areas. Our Rat Pest Control team will inspect homes and attics and proposed a solution. Animal Removal in South Florida is not an easy task, we have been doing animal and critter control for decades and can assure you that have trapping and removal processes in place to help you and your love ones with the issues.