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We provide modern, science-based techniques in dealing with pest related problems both in Coral Gables and its immediate surrounding area. If your property is infested, do not be afraid to ask for our help.

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Pests will easily sneak into your home in search of a comfortable habitat in which to thrive. Yes, they can be a nuisance, but more importantly, they will pose a serious risk to you and your family’s health. Ticks, mosquitos, rats, cockroaches – they are all potential carriers of a large number of diseases, some of which are not readily identified.

At Coral Gables Pest Control we understand that not all homes and properties are created equal, even if they are based in the same city. Depending on your location, lifestyle and preferences, the root of your problem might be different. Do you have pets? Do you own a garden with specific plants? Is your house made of a specific type of wood? All these pieces of information are extremely important in pinpointing the root of your pesky problems.

We are extremely thorough. During our assessment visits, we employ decades of scientific innovation to get a better grasp of the issue at hand and monitor your property’s pest population.

• The investigation – determining the exact type of infestation that is causing you problems will help solve them in a fairly short amount of time. From ticks and ants, to rodents, all pests have their specific likes, dislikes, habits and needs. Monitoring their life cycles and daily activity will be of great help in choosing the extermination method.

• The control process –once we determined the pests travel patterns, ins and outs of your home or property, we can take a further step towards removing them, if possible. As we understand that using chemicals is not always the ideal option, we try to deal with your problem by first employing some non-invasive methods, such as cutting the food source or home access. If this will not be enough, then we proceed to using some less toxic pesticides.

Dealing with pests on your own can be a daunting thought. And you shouldn’t have to. Coral Gables pest control will use decades of knowledge and modern techniques to help you get rid of any bugging bugs no matter the hour.