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Interior Pest Control

Professional Interior Pest Control in Palm Beach, Florida

Most of the time interior pest control is done when there is a problem or at the initiation of a pest control and extermination program.  White Green Palm Pest Control programs one’s home or place of business is well protected against bug damage risks.  Preventing pest and bugs as well as routine pest service visits and inspections are the key to a life without nuisance insects and pests.

Interior Pest Control is done the first time Green Palm Pest Control starts an account in Broward Country, Boca Raton, Boytnon Beach or Miami Florida, we want to make sure no bugs, pests or insects are trapped inside after the exterior application is performed.  Our expert pest control service technicians are able to identify almost every insect present in South Florida such ants, roaches, spiders, millipedes, ticks, fleas, and wasps.  After identification of pests such as ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, scorpions, earwigs, moths, centerpedes or others, application of special product is performed; control is achieved usually within a few days of the first treatment.  Other treatments may be necessary depending on the type of insect or infestation, but those could be at no charge when one has a maintenance plan.

What is bugging you? Pest! Not anymore

Living in this semi sub-tropical climate, like in Palm Beach, Florida makes up to be an awesome life. But what nobody admits is the constant swarming of unwanted pests inside our homes and offices.

But with greater problems, comes great solution providers, Green Palm Pest Control.

Rest assured you can never go wrong when it comes to our interior pest control services, due to several reasons:

  • We are always on the go, taking minimum time to respond to emergencies, even during weekends.
  • Locally-owned, Green Palm is significantly aware of the common pest found in south Florida and is better equipped to provide quick and long lasting solutions for interior pest control.
  • For the starting, we determine indoor harbors to strategically eradicate problem at their source points.
  • We make use of baiting treatments, instead of spraying chemicals inside. Gel baits are placed in bathrooms and kitchens, powdered bait is used around bulky appliances and furniture, such as metal cupboards, refrigerator or stove.
  • At Green Palm, you can be 100 percent assure that nontoxic materials are used in the most humane way possible.Additionally, these substances are highly sensitive to environments and non-target animals.
  • Our interior pest control does not only involve pest removal but also elimination of any dead animals. We ensure adequate sanitation measures, so that you remain confident about your wellbeing and standing.
  • After thorough removal and sterilization, essential preventive measures to avoid any future sprawling take the center stage. Green Palm’s team of experts seal up all the entrance and exist points around your property, covering up smallest of the holes, present in your doors, walls, windows, pipelines and even foundations. They install gears, screens and coverings to lock any sort of intrusion from any of the tiniest flying or crawling creatures.
  • Another add-on service is providing customized and effective recommendations for avoiding any future interior infestations.

By every means, our interior pest control is ideal for homeowners and business people. Hassle-free, fast and productive!

We are a company that people can trust with our year-round care and protection for your peace of mind and surety.

For our first free visit, don’t hesitate and give us a phone call. Affordable rates and exquisite pest care would certainly nudge you to start an everlasting relationship with us.

Quit your struggle; choose Green Palm Pest Control, your confidant against the nasty ones.