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Lawn Care Service

There is not better felling than the begging of your family, the adquision of your home or business, and then the enhancement of your investment’s yard. A great looking yard without pests and weeds will make you proud and help you start every morning.

Your lawn is an integral part of your property landscape.  It is a fact that a beautiful yard will make any builder owner happy and will increase the price of any property.  It is also a fact that a poor managed yard (an ugly one) will depreciate the property and the area.  The reason why a well manicured landscape will increase value to a property is because of its recreational, ascetic, and healthy values.  Having a good Lawn in Boynton Beach and South Florida will decrease pollution, and enhance the city value.  A good Lawn Care Service will help to ensure that your Boynton Beach Lawn and your property are beautiful and healthy.  

There are different choices when it comes to Lawns, you can have a high maintenance lawn or a easy to care for lawn.  Both will require some Lawn Fertilizer and some Weed Control, but one will require more than the other.  It is very important that your budget includes Lawn Maintenance in South Florida because South Florida Lawns usually are not native to the region and require lots of care from property owners.  Majority of Lawn Care is done with water and irrigation, but the need for Fertilizer and Weed Control is eminent in all grass types. The major pest problems of the lawns are chinch bugs, mole crickets, ground pearls, webworms, spittlebugs, and billbugs.  And the major disease problems are brown patch, dollar spot, pythium, helminthosporium, and gray leaf spot.  The use of a Lawn Care Company will limit the size of bug infestations in any lawn.  A good Lawn Spraying company in Boynton Beach will help you to maintain a close to perfect lawn.

Yards and Lawns suffering from diseases need the help from the South Florida Lawn Care experts of Green Palm Pest Control.  we specialize in treatment of palm trees, St. Augustine grass, and shrubs.  Our services start with an evaluation of your lawn, and identification of any problems, and treatment for solution or prevention of future problems.  Please call 561-755-7378

  • St. Augustinegrass for Florida Lawns
  • Bahiagrass for Florida Lawns
  • Bermudagrass for Florida Lawns