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Natural and Organic Pest Control

Effective Natural Pest Control

At Green Palm Pest Control We Offer Kid and Pet Friendly Pest Control, With Non toxic and very effective ingredients and methods.

  • Kid Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Organic
  • Natural

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We all have taken our world for granted over hundreds of years but now it is factually evident that our planet is on the verge of severe damage and contamination, thanks to our non-serious attitude towards it.

What’s in it for you to conserve environment?

With ever increasing toxic and wastes adding up in the environment, with each passing second, it is our high responsibility to take effective measures to reduce them and nullify their impact, by opting for greener and safer alternatives, starting from our homes and working places.

Due to accelerating pollution in every way possible, global warming is increasing by leaps and bounds, proven a hundred times through multitude of scientific researches. The impact is catastrophic! With escalating frequencies of droughts, floods, torrential rains, sandstorms, sea levels and most importantly increasing heat, we are at immense danger, making use of non toxic pest control, a must-do!

We must realize that our poor actions are contaminating the natural environment surrounding us, which could prove to be hazardous for upcoming generations to come. We should give them, what we have been blessed with in the best of the best condition.

We are dependent on various plant and animal species for our survival as they are a vital source for food, drink, shelter and other enduring needs. All these are a result of continuous processing and reliance of every living creature on each other, creating a splendid circle of life. Any sort of disturbance and lack of biodiversity puts the whole mechanism at risk and negatively affect humans all over the world.

For thousands of years, human race have inhibited in this astounding planet with a complete peace of mind, we breathe in its air, we walk on it and we eat its constituents. As a matter of fact, it is not dependent on us but we are dependent on it by all means, so we should better take care of it.

Human race have now realized their penalizing mistake and are taking serious measures to further cut down any damage to our Mother Earth. When exterminating pest in your neighborhood, home or office, each member of the society must pay their rigorous attention in conserving the environment and maintaining its natural equilibrium by opting for natural pest control. You should do your part and save this precious planet of ours, because simply we don’t have any choice.

Types of Pest Control

It is fairly a quick process for eliminating or killing all the pests, found within specific vicinity, without any discrimination. It could be targeted for large animals, such as rats, mice and even to small insects with direct access to breeding points.

This method is suitable for large areas and basically involves the introduction of natural predators, pathogens or parasites of the targeted pest, in order to avoid the use of any harsh chemicals. But this method has a massive downside that the foreign predator once introduced might become pest themselves, after some time. Hence, biological pest control must be thoroughly analyzed and investigated, keeping in mind the durable invisible consequences.

The most widely utilized pest controlling method is all about using synthetic compounds to eliminate various types of insects and wildlife. These chemicals are generally poisonous and could impact organisms and living beings, depending upon their strength. A large majority of pest exterminators make use of pesticides in home and working surroundings which could end up producing health damages to humans and other living creatures in a longer period of time.

In this type of procedure, electromagnetic waves are employed that repels the wildlife by affecting their nervous systems. Another alternative is to make use of spreading ultrasonic sound waves that have high frequency. However, its downside is that it fends off beneficial bugs as well that are critical in maintaining the equilibrium of your yard or settings.

With the emerging trends and concern for safer environment, natural products are in huge demand these days. This type of pest extermination involves the use of materials that occur naturally and are extracted from the earth itself, without any tampering or additions. This is highly conducive as these natural compounds do not break down into harmful components and get absorbed into the environment without hurting anyone. In addition to this, you must note that there is a slight difference between organic and natural substances. An organic material is produced according to the rules and regulations of the Organic Act and may not necessarily be 100 percent natural. Both Natural and Organic Pest Control involves the application of chemical-free traps, baits, diatomaceous Earth and boric acid.

Why be the Natural or Organic way?

  • Simply for the love of Mother Earth and all its beings, natural pest control is our only choice for preserving our home for the future generations to prosper. All the beings, including the insects and animals have the equal rights to live and enjoy the nature.
  • Using non toxic pest control  I would definitely turn out to be beneficial for you, your family and your colleagues in the long way, as exposure harmful chemicals could mushroom allergies, asthma, skin irritations and other critical diseases.
  • In case of toddlers, pesticides must be completely avoided as they are highly sensitive to harsh substances. Avoid all the pain!
    If chemicals are used frequently for repelling pests over a time, then they develop a strong resistance to such substances, making the pest controlling procedures impractical and botched.
  • Through pesticides, primary food sources are eradicated for birds and other creatures, creating an upset in the pivotal food chain.
  • Overall, the natural pest control is cost effective as ingredients are inexpensive and are derived from the nature itself. Moreover, it produces long lasting results with minimum maintenance costs. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Be shrewd! Don’t fall prey and choose natural pest control, offered absolutely at affordable rates that don’t break your account at all, only at Green Palm Pest Control . Your ultimate organic pest control provider in your backyard!
  • All the technicians at Green Palm are trained to applynon toxic pest control, in compliance with the EPA standards by using biodegradable ingredients that do not harm anyone involved and are 100 percent safe. Our experience of several decades has proven thatorganic pest control is surely successful and we are committed to provide pest extermination that does not harm the environment, even not the slightest and this is what our customers expect from us, each and every time, a thousand times!

We definitely live in the land of free, but your property should not be the land for free guests!

In dreadful times like these, when our Mother Nature is at stake, you need the safety of the trustworthy; Green Palm Pest Control is at your service, 24/7 a week and 365 days a year! You would be delighted to know that we work on weekends also for your ultimate convenience.

Just give us a call and we would be there at your doorstep in flash of a second, as we are located near you in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach and Miami.