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Exterior Pest Control

When you want to be assured, take the name of Green Palm Pest Control

Let’s be honest, anything that has head, legs, crawls or flies, bother us in many ways. We remain conscious of their presence and fear their intrusion.

Don’t let your children miss out on playing in their yard, bear the sweet sunlight on their cheeks and enjoy their childhood to the fullest. Be sure of complete protection against the unwanted bugs and flies with effective and efficient outdoor pest control services of Green Palm.

Every business owner wants to exhibit, best of their behaviors but what if a bug pops in as soon as your next big client walks in? How frustrating it could be? Don’t let these embarrassments fall out on your revenues and make the smarter choice of choosing our exterior pest control services, once and for all!

When it comes to outdoor pest control, we adopt the following steps:

  • For building a strong defensive barrier, our specialists undergo a thorough inspection of the vicinity to identify places or conditions that nurture pest habilitation. Our team carries out customized solutions, depending upon the type and extent of infestations.
  • In the next stage, we utilize baits, sprays, trappings, granules and misting methods to eliminate all the undesired crawling and flying bugs for establishing perimeter protection around your front or back yards.
  • Last but definitely not the least step involves the monitoring and prevention strategies for the maximum coverage. At Green Palm, we adopt this highly significant proactive approach for consistent exterior pest controlquarterlyas we realize that with changing seasons in South Florida, your property becomes prone to new infestations. Best thing is that outdoor pest control,do not imply for you to stay at home.

How we can make the difference?

Your lawn should be an exotic place to enjoy weather, not a breeding ground for pests. At Green Palm, we take care of:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants, Carpenter ants and Fire ants
  • Bees
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Grubs
  • Spiders
  • Worms

Our mission is embedded deeply within us since many decades, which is to provide quality and everlasting services to our customers, without putting a hole in their pocket. Our exterior pest controlteam includes licensed, certified and insured technicians that are trained to oblige to the EPA’s rules to each and every word.

Being strategically located, Green Palm service schedules are planned ahead, depending upon your availability. Adios to our proficient team that also works on weekends so that you can work peacefully during weekdays, without interruptions and discomfort.

We won’t stop until pests are behind you, once and for all

Want to clear any ambiguity, talk to our expert for a free consultation or site inspection. Because for you, we are always there!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Pests are to leave out of homes and buildings and the structure’s perimeter should be a barrier to insects and bugs.  Insects and bugs are not considered pest when they are in nature, but when they infest a building, they become a pest and need to be control.  Preventive pest control includes the establishment of a product barrier around the structure to ensure that pest stay outside in nature and don’t come inside homes or businesses.

In ancient times Kings & Queens built big castles and put motes all around in order to keep away invaders.  Well, you are the King & Queen of your castle, so shouldn’t you do the same?    We understand your family’s safety is a number one priority.   Insects can carry a number of diseases that they bring with them when they slip inside.  

By using our exterior pest control service we will keep a barrier around your home to keep away any sort of invader of the crawling insect persuasion away from your home. Every three months we put down product to keep away ants, American roaches, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, and more.   By allowing us onto your property on a quarterly basis we are able to keep your castle protected.   Keeping up with outdoor maintenance can also help.  Trim away any shrubbery that may be harboring unwanted visitors.