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Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are a type of pest that is globally prevalent. These small brownish insects feed on human blood and can grow to be the size of apple seeds. Without the help of a professional bedbug exterminator, they can be a disastrous menace if left to roam freely in any establishment and can even render a place uninhabitable.

Where Do They Hide?

Bed bugs gain access to a house through luggage and clothing that can move from place to another. Once inside they hide in couches, beds, mattresses, headboards and numerous other places where they can easily come out and bite people at night. They are virtually undetectable because of their flat bodies which make it possible for them to slip into small spaces.

Most people often don’t realize that they are facing a bed bug infestation until they start to develop itchy welts as they sleep. These are often a sign of the presence of bed bugs, since they tend to bite any area of the skin that is left exposed at night.

It is relatively easy to check for bed bugs, as all you have to do is inspect the typical areas that bed bugs like to hide such as mattresses, headboards and so on. However, to confirm the presence of a bed bug infestation, it is important to contact an expert in professional bed bug extermination to conduct a proper inspection of the premises. We at Green Palm Pest Control offer our inspection services, and are among the more affordable bed bug exterminators in the South Florida region.

Effective Treatment for Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bbugs involves a thorough cleaning of the affected area to begin with. All the beddings, clothes linen and even curtains need to be carefully washed in hot water to ensure zero chance of bedbug survival. Scrubbing and vacuuming are also good practices around the bed area to ensure elimination of bed bugs as well as their eggs.

In cases of extreme infestation, a bed bug exterminator may be necessary for effective bed bug extermination. A good bed bug exterminator company such as Green Palm Pest Control will carry out a proper chemical treatment with products that are safe for the environment and that won’t affect you once the bed bugs are long gone.

Bed bugs are they type of pests that can be a real menace if allowed to live freely in an establishment. They can be extremely prevalent in motels, hotels, movie theatres and even in a normal household.

Surprisingly, the past 2 to 3 years have been a nightmare for bedrooms and their occupants; instances of bed bug infestations have increased at an alarming rate at motels, hotels, retail stores, movie theaters, and college campuses around the world. Instances of bed bug infestations have been reported at many universities at their on-campus residential housing, nearby off-campus apartments and homes, and the places college students, professors, and staff frequent.

Homes and businesses have not been immune from this bed bug problem. Since 1980, we have been providing bed bug pest control. One of our pest control services will help prevent the introduction of bed bugs into many more living areas.

A bed bug is an insect with piercing-sucking mouthparts. It bites and sucks the blood of its host out like another pest, the mosquito. An adult bed bug is oval and flat, and it’s about 3/16 to 1/4 inches long. Bed bug control is performed in bedrooms and areas where humans sleep because this pest most often feeds on people at night while they are asleep in their beds.

When bed bugs bite, they leave small white to red welts, and for people with allergies, the bites itch intensely. It’s important to note that some people will have severe allergic reactions to bed bug bites, and some won’t. Bed bugs bite exposed areas of skin and other areas where the clothing does not fit tightly to the body. The bite reactions are most often in a cluster of 3-4 bites or in a line of bites. At this point, research has shown that bed bugs do not transmit any diseases, but the infections that are produced when someone scratches bed bug bites can be just as bad as a disease.

A common misconception is that bed bugs favor dirty hosts or environments; this isn’t true. This nasty pest arrived in the United States in luggage and imports, so bed bugs are associated with overseas traveling and now with foreign visitors. As disturbing as it may sound, recently, many churches, restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, and public transportation systems have been carried from these locations to a host’s home or place of business.

To check to see if you have bed bugs in your home, follow these tips:

  • Inspect the bed. Pull back the sheet on your bed, and look at the folds and seams of the mattress.
  • Check the mattress pad for signs of blood spots about the size of a pencil point.
  • Check around the headboard and the nightstand near the bed for any signs of blood spots or live insects.
  • When packing to leave your home or a foreign location, check your clothing and luggage for signs of bed bugs.
  • If you get bitten, look very carefully around the bed and mattress for bed bugs. Call a professional right away.
  • Bed bugs can be killed by temperatures over 115 degrees. If you discover bed bugs in your clothing or linen, place them in the clothes dryer and run it on high heat for 20 minutes. When returning from traveling abroad, you should unpack the items in your suitcase and place them directly into a plastic bag, then immediately transfer your clothing to the clothes dryer and run it through a high heat cycle for 20 minutes.
  • If you take care to check out the places where you live and travel and inspect your luggage, you will significantly reduce the chances of a bed bug infestation.