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Professional Rat Control in Miami Dade & Palm Beach County

Green Palm Pest Control offers a large number of rat and rodent removal and control services and products. With locations in Coral Gables and Boynton Beach, Florida, Rat and Rodent Extermination is one of our prime services.

Effective Rat Exterminators

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  • Miami Metro Area: (305) 785-5095
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  • Fast and Reliable Rat Removal Rats or Animals inside attics, crawl spaces, or interior of buildings.
  • Perimeter inspections and exterior opening seal ups to prevent Rats and Rodents from entering structures.
  • Rat Extermination bait boxes and products to maintained a Rat Free environment.
  • Desinfection and Sanitation services for Rat Exterminations and Rat Infestations.

At Green Palm Pest Control we use green and humane practices when performing rodent removal services.

  • Prompt response. equipped and trained to control and remove almost any nuisance animal.
  • Equipped and trained to control and remove any bee or hornet.
  • Real solutions that will last many years.
  • Licence holders in Nuisance Wildlife Control.
  • Trapping and repair specialists.
  • Estimates, agreements, and warranties for all our animal exclusion and damage repair work.

Please call 305.741.6438 or 561.755.7378 for a complete home or business analysis.

The most important animal in south florida damaging homes is the Rat. Green Palm Pest Control Rat Removal and Critter Removal service. Traps animals, seal homes, and removes contaminated areas. Our Rat Pest Control team will inspect homes and attics and proposed a solution. Animal Removal in South Florida is not an easy task, we have been doing animal and critter control for decades and can assure you that have trapping and removal processes in place to help you and your love ones with the issues.

Oh Rodents, Nobody Wants You!

It is already momentous time when you start doing rather than complain and protect yourself, loved ones and clients from any intruders.

Know Your Enemy

In the wake of urban boom, rodents have made their way to our homes, restaurants, warehouses, offices and what not, causing huge damages to our health and buildings by their continuous rummaging and gnawing activities. They seek for crevices, openings and food sources, without any hesitations.

What multiplies the problem is their natural biological tendency of breeding in big amounts, which means that rodent issues could easily go bad to worst. A rough estimate has predicted that a common mouse produces 30 to 60 pups annually; meanwhile a rat could give birth to 30 to 80 pups a year. One rodent in your vicinity could turn out to be hundreds in a year.

Phew… That’s Hard To Stop!

No material is safe from the gnawing abilities of these pesky rodents, from cinder blocks, concrete, aluminum sidings or lead sheathing, as they figure out to specific locations. They won’t spare anything, which comes in their way of burrowing or in pursuit of food items. They are entirely disrespectful to your sentimental family heirlooms, vintage paintings and irreplaceable documents.

Rodent family includes all sorts of mice and rats, namely house mouse, roof rats, white-foot mice, Norway rats etc.

How rodents can turn out to be risky?

Let’s have a quick snapshot of some of the huge troubles, rodents generate:

With their sharp edged and ever growing teeth, they are able to crawl through small crevices and slip into hard to reach areas. In no time, they chew away pipelines, electric lines, structures and countless more things. Posing life endangering risks to people who utilize those spaces or wires, as multitude of power short circuits and fire outbreaks have been reported throughout the world. A rough estimate has predicted that rodents cause 20 percent of undetermined fires, straight only in the United States annually. This result in huge monetary losses to all the stakeholders involved and people are left with regrets and pity.

Keeping these damages aside, rodents leave no stone unturned to spread diseases to human beings and their pets. In earlier decades, human race was subject to tremendous health hazards from plague in many parts of the world, all thanks to rodents, claiming lives of hundreds of people. Due to proper sanitation, scares of plagues have been reduced. A big relief, but it cannot be ruled out!

Moreover, rodents are tremendous carriers of other deadly diseases. Their droppings are a common source of Salmonella, rat bite fever, jaundice, murine typhus, Weil’s disease and other harmful bacteria, triggering allergies and asthma.

They have found to be active carriers of ticks, fleas and lice, contaminating anything that comes into their contact, anywhere and at anyplace.

If your house or office is ruled by rodents, hiding and scampering everywhere, you would definitely not leave a good impression on your guests or customers. Underlying that investing in rodent pest control is strategic for the overall health and safety of your loved ones and business revenues.

In case you are a victim of rodent infestation continuously, you must take note that your property might depreciate immensely, without warning. Rodents’ presence is taken synonymously tostructural or electrical damages. People who want to have good returns in future, then you should rightly opt for professional rodent removal services at very first minute.

In case you are planning to sell out your home in near future and determined to attain good value for money, you should put your right step forward by first controlling home pest infection and bearing pest infection costs.

All these nuisances, implies rodent removal to be highly imperative.

Recent surveys conducted by National Pest Management Association have claimed that rodents have become the most troublesome menace for common Americans. During fall and winter season, rodents are more active and make up to the 45 percent of the problems, in spring they pose 29 percent and 28 percent in summers. Their favorite spot in homes is ultimately kitchens, as 50 percent of the infestations are found to be there. Next comes, basement with 27 percent and last but not the least is the attic and garages with 24 percent of the reported infestations.

Rats have unique capabilities to squeeze through openings of the size of a quarter. On the other hand, mice have excelled in this game as they have been found to squeeze within the openings of a dime, according to National Pest Management Association.

Now, let’s figure out our another opponent, although a mouse just eats 3 grams of food every day but it contaminates more than 10 times of food than it eats by leaving half-eaten food nibbles, droppings and much more, unfit for human consumption and pets.

When do you know that you are their target? What to look for?

Rodents have particular body structures and colorations. Many rodents’ features tails that are generally shorter than their bodies, meanwhile some rodents have longer tails as compared to their actual bodies. It has been witnessed that a large majority have solid color but some rodents have dual colors around their feet and bellies.

Rodents are easily discoverable due to their behaviors. Generally, people hear chewing sounds, crackling of claws and most importantly their droppings. Some people are able to visibly see their presence as they scamper around their properties. Often people complain about holes in their food storing boxes or sacks, office supplies and paperwork.

Do something, before it’s too late!

Why you need us? How we can help you out?
No one can beat the competence of Green Palm Pest Control.

Recognizing the awful impact of rodents in our lives, it is quite obvious that taking effective and innovative measures is highly obvious. At Green Palm Pest Control, we understand your concerns and are determinate to exterminate rodents from their roots in the most humane way possible.

The whole process of Green Palm involves successful baiting and trapping of rodent removal with supreme standards. Our diligent team is highly efficient in rat control and mice control, all at once. We employ advanced rodent repellents such as laser that don’t have any side effects to humans, pets and the whole environment.

We don’t only eliminate rodents but also take care for dead animals, if any and provide adequate sanitation procedures by spraying disinfectants for a comprehensive coverage.

Our services don’t end here, in order to enforce rat control and mice control in near future, we seal up crevices, vents or any holes in the property, ensuring complete safety and preventive care for your definitive satisfaction.

At a lower price tag than the average market price ranges, we offer outstanding rodent pest control services than most of our competitors. As our services, doesn’t end with extermination but we provide long term protection against pests. Free of charge, our power-packed team recommends quick, effortless and informative suggestions to our clients for being ultra-sure for many years to come. These tips include maintaining general sanitary conditions throughout the property. They are advised to immediately clean any food spills and droppings. Any cluttering and piling of things must be avoided with the consistent cleaning of attic, garages and basement areas.

Your pest control services, all in one destination!
Green Palm Pest Control, where affordability meets great expectations.