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Roach Exterminators

roach exterminators
roach exterminators

Cockroaches have inhabited the earth for millions of years and have since grown to become bothersome pests in numerous households around the world. They can very easily contaminate foods and surfaces, and spread dangerous diseases if left to roam freely in a home. It is for this reason that experienced roach control services such as Green Pal Pest Control are a phone call away to help you combat these annoying pests.

Causes of roach infestation

Any good roach exterminator will tell you that once they have invaded a home, these pests can be very difficult to remove. However, understanding what causes these infestations is the first step towards getting rid of them forever.

  1. Food

This is perhaps the biggest attraction for these pests everywhere. After all, just like for human beings, food is also sustenance for them. Most of the time, you will begin to notice them in the kitchen, because this is where food is typically found. Cockroaches will eat any and almost all types of food, so it is a wise practice to always avoid leaving food openly exposed in the kitchen, or anywhere else in a household. Make good use of storage boxes to prevent them from invading your kitchen.

  1. Exposed garbage

Trash that is left exposed to the open air is very alluring to cockroaches. This is of course because of discarded craps of food, liquids and so much more. To top it off heaped up trash makes perfect dark places for them to live and breed. In this regard it is always important to dispose of trash as soon as it accumulates within the household, as this is a great way to prevent them from gathering around your trash cans.

  1. Damp and dark spaces

Roaches are thigmotropic, meaning that they are the types of creatures that or prefer to be in contact with items that touch their bodies at all times. It is this quality that makes them prefer to make their homes in tiny crevice, nooks and crannies. Places like tiny cracks, skirting boards, wall tiles and such small spaced are very preferable to them because they offer the tight and snug fit that they prefer. Such places are also great places to lay eggs and breed. It is ideal to seal up these kinds of gaps as soon as you discover them to prevent them from making their home within.

  1. Weeds and excessive growths

Excessive weeds and overgrowth of grass in a yard are very attractive breeding spots for roaches as well. Imagine an unkempt yard with festering vegetation or all sorts of items strewn all over it. These pests like these kinds of places because of the potential for breeding that they provide, so it is important to keep a clean and tidy yard to keep them at bay.



Signs of a Roach infestation

Roaches are types of creatures that prefer the cover of darkness in their dark spaces, so spotting them out in the open in whichever room they are in is a sign of a serious infestation. However, there are other signs that could point to their presence as well.

  1. Droppings

These droppings are usually easy to notice because they tend to appear everywhere in an infested house. They appear as brown or black cylindrical droppings that are just a few millimeters long. These are usually a good indicator that you might have an infestation on your hands, and that you should get started on measures of roach control.

  1. Shed skin

Just like many other insects like them, these pests tend to shed their skin throughout their life cycles. Shed skin and eggshells are often a sign of a huge infestation, since it means that they are numerous and continuing to reproduce in your home. A proper roach exterminator would be ideal in a situation such as this.

  1. Marks smeared on surfaces

This is often a typical sign of an infestation, especially in places with an abundance of water such as kitchen drains. These often look like brown smear marks that appear in random places around the household, particularly near water zones such as bathrooms, toilets and the kitchen.

  1. Unfamiliar smell

There are certain species of roach that emit particularly pungent smells, resembling a musty odor. If you come across a strong smell that is uncommon to you, be sure to check it out because it might be a sign of an infestation, emitted by living or dead pests.

Infestation treatment methods

If you suspect that you might be facing an infestation in your house, it might be a good time to call an exterminator to conduct a proper inspection of the area. Here at Green Palm Pest Control, we offer inspection services, conducted by well trained professionals with experience in proper pest control. Once is confirmed that you are indeed facing an infestation problems, there are numerous ways to get rid of these bothersome pests.

  1. Roach Baiting

As the name suggests, this method of roach infestation treatment involves attracting them with products that when eaten are effectively lethal to them.  Depending on the type of pests and the area that is infested, the types of baits may differ.

  • Gel bait

This is a type of gel that contains an attractive chemical to roaches of all ages. It is perfect for the little roaches that cannot ingest solid food yet. The gel is smeared in specific spaces where the traffic is high.

  • Granular bait

These are essentially solid granules that work in the same way that gel baits work, except that they are solid.

  1. Population control

This treatment method involves measures designed to heavily reduce the population of these pests in an area. It involves the use of sticky board traps. These traps work in pretty much the same way as fly paper works for flies. They trap continuously moving roaches on an adhesive surface laced with a product that is attractive to them. It is an excellent method that can help you understand the extent of an infestation problem as well as the areas with the most pest activity.

As for the eggs in hiding, removal could involve using specialized vacuums that reach into the dark and hidden crevices where the eggs are often laid. It is difficult to use any other method to get rid of these eggs, so this is often the more viable solution.

  1. Chemical treatment

This method is often used by experienced exterminators as an absolute last resort against an infestation that just won’t go away with various other methods of treatment. It often involves the use of chemical spraying or dusting in an afflicted area. This method is often quite fast acting, and depending on which chemical is used can be safe for the family but particularly lethal to the unwanted invaders. It is often advised to remove any food or valuable items from the affected area before treatment to avoid possible contamination, and the chemical or duct can be left to act in a few hours. Often times, these methods are very effective, killing a lot of the roaches that come into contact with them.

Contact us and find out what we can do for your roach infestation problem today.

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