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Green Palm Pest Control offers termite treatments with tents in Miami Metropolitan Area. Our professional staff is highly trained and licensed, we have more than 30 year of experience with termite pest control.

Our family has been offering Pest Control and Extermination Services since 1985.  We have expanded to service the Miami Metropolitan Area while keeping the same personal service in Palm Beach County.  Please call to get fast, reliable, and effective extermination services.

High quality termite pest control with tents, We protect your roof and house from the corners.

When plants and gardens can be affected if they are too closed to the house, to prevent this, we recommend to leave a space between 12 and 18 inches, in other words 1 or 2 feet.


We cover the corners with a especial blue plastic to reinforce and give extra protection to your roof. Taking termite tent to the roof!


he house gets completely covered with gas inside from 24 to 48 hours.

Additionally we treat the house inside, with chemicals and a with hoses that transport the mix.


We use professional and especial termite equipment, calibrated with the necessary volume for more effectiveness.

In Alliance with Central Fumigation and Los Fumigadores Pest Control


Tent and Fumigation in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County

In case you are witnessing swarms of termites feasting within your property, you need to do something immediately, starting from now!

From Drywood termites, Dampwood termites to subterranean termites, Florida has it all! What to do?

Keeping in mind the health risks and depleting face value of your property, exterminating termites from their nesting grounds seems logical to owners. Appearance of termites is a horrific nightmare for all the stakeholders, timely action is what matters.

  • The process is extremely effective, eradicating all sorts of harmful pests, including the most stubborn Drywood termites, which refuses to go away by using common infestation methods.
  • Tenting is perfect for large infestations, as it completely destroys all stages of the termite life cycle, especially eggs.
  • There is hardly any risk to human and pets’ health, as the vicinity has to be evacuated for the process to initiate. Only after complete ventilation and safety checks, owners are allowed to return back.

You must know the fundamental problems with spraying foam into walls of your property:

  • People will constantly inhale harmful toxic chemicals, while living or working inside the vicinity. Not only this, it would be accompanied with a pungent smell, bothering you all the time and across the board.
  • When foam penetrates inside the walls, they further promote fungus and mold build-up, which unfortunately is again bad for health.
  • Foaming works only where it is applied, if some areas are left out intentionally or by mistake.
  • Size of your vicinity plays a key role in setting up the costs for tenting. Generally, it is calculated on the basis of per square foot area or meter. Larger the area, the more product and labor would be used and therefore the costs would increase.
  • Similarly, if your vicinity encompasses a number of structures or sheds, your termite tenting cost would escalate.
  • Another contributing factor is the type and extent of infestation.

The whole process begins with a free site inspection and consultation of your concerns. Next step involves presentation of our estimate and other precautionary procedures. Finally, we start tenting, based on your pre-decided date and time.

Because we schedule, according to your schedule! At Green Palm, it’s all about our customers.

No odor, no hassle, no stress. Simply, rely on Green Palm for a committed approach, ensuring your well-being and protection. You would find multitudes of people bearing testimonials of our top-notch services and inexpensive termite tenting costs.

We are known for our precision and care, against all the creepy bugs in your life!

All set! Let’s go for a cleanup.