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Squirrels: Diseases, Preventions, and Cures

Many home and business owners are concerned with the health risks of having squirrels and other animals invading their living environments.  Some squirrels are known to carry diseases that can be passed along to humans through pests such as mites, flies, and mosquitoes.  In addition to carrying disease-carrying pests into living environments, squirrel excrement can be toxic to humans.  Diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella are known to be transferred form squirrels to humans through their feces.  Other health risks include the animals scratching or biting, which can be especially dangerous if eye tissue is damaged from scratches.
Preventing squirrels from spreading diseases requires exclusion of these animals from living environments.  The only method of entry for some mites, flies, and other parasitic animals is by squirrels or other animals carrying them into the home, so if the squirrels can’t get in, neither can the other pests that they carry! If you already have a problem with squirrels and the contamination of your environment by excrement is severe,  Forsyth Wildlife recommends the disinfection and/or removal of affected areas and insulation.
To cure diseases such as Leptospirosis and Salmonella, the aid of a doctor is required in many cases.  Please consult a doctor if you have been exposed to severe infestations and or large amounts of excrement in a confined area.

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