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Eco Friendly Pest Control

With the growing concern for our environment, many have turned to environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of unwanted pests. Some of the chemicals used in pest eradication can indeed be harmful to the environment, and thanks to the wonders of technology and research, we now have environmentally friendly ways of removing and keeping away pests.

It is understandable to switch to eco-friendly products for the following reasons:

  • It keeps the earth greener, preventing the environmental pollution that would have been as a result of using chemical laden inorganic products. History has shown us the effect that these products tend to leave on the areas where they are used, and frankly the greener the better.
  • It is also easier on your health. Direct exposure to some types of pest extermination products can prove to be harmful to your health. It follows therefore that use of chemical free methods will have no harmful effect on your health at all. This is yet another reason why more and more people prefer ecofriendly pest control methods.

Understanding Eco pest control products

While it is true that green methods and products are becoming quite popular in the market today, it is important to be able to know exactly what you are asking for when you refer to products as organic or natural. There is a difference and understanding this will make it easier for you to communicate exactly what you need to the exterminators.

Natural products are products that occur naturally in nature and are not changed in any way for our use. These are often inclusive of products derived from minerals as well as plants. Organic products are similar to natural products, except for the fact that they are manufactured following the Organic Act.

Methods of Eco friendly pest control

Traps are some of the oldest ways of trapping pests, and have been in use for centuries now. They are excellent ways to catch pests that lurk around the home, and to make it even better, most of them are relatively easy to set up. Once captured, the pests can be removed in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

  • Mouse traps have been in use for years and are still in use today because they are simply still effective. The only disadvantage to these is the fact that they only catch on mouse at a time, so you might find yourself setting up many traps if there’s many rats. They may also become ineffective if the infestation is much bigger.
  • Sticky traps are perfect for smaller pests or insects such as ants or flies. The best thing about theme is the fact that they are good for capturing numerous insects all at once. They are often set up in areas with the most pest movement or activity, since this is where more pests are more likely to appear.

It is important to note that some traps are intended to kill the pests in question, while some others just capture them. They can then be transported to different locations where they can be disposed or released into the wild, as is the case with pests like raccoons and snakes.

More commonly referred to as beneficial animals/insects, these are creatures that eat other insects. When introduced into a pest infested area, they control the pest population by eating them, and are in that way environmentally beneficial.

A very simple example is getting a cat if you have a bit of a rat problem, since cats eat rats. Other beneficial insects include ladybugs, hover flies and the green lacewing among others. It is an ingenious idea to use a pest’s natural enemy to deal with it, and it is a technique that has been used by man for a very long time. The best part is the fact that these beneficial creatures are in no way harmful or poisonous to you or the environment around you and are completely chemical free.

There are some plants that contain within them compounds referred to as Phytoestrogens which are capable of poisoning pests while remaining relatively harmless to the world around them. Plants such as alfalfa, black cohosh and red clover are some classic samples that can prove lethal to some of the most common house pests.

If pest extermination products absolutely have to be used, you can be sure that Green Palm Pest Control uses some of the most organic products in the market. Completely organic products are made with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial chemicals. This ensures that the environment remains completely unharmed in the process. Get in contact with us today and learn more about our eco-friendly pest control solutions.

This is yet another way to get rid of a budding pest infestation. It is the introduction of a bait, which is often times pellets or get laced with pheromones that are very attractive to the pests being targeted for removal. Commonly used gel bait is often placed in areas with the most pest traffic, to lure them towards it. The bait may also contain organic products that when ingested prevent the pests from reproducing and multiplying in number, causing them to die off eventually.

It is often very effective for pests such as cockroaches and ants, and is often employed by numerous professionals in their extermination, often to significant success in the process.

This method has experienced significant resurgence in the past years thanks to the effectiveness of the bait in production, and if you are interested, we can provide more information on this method of eco-friendly pest control.

These two are perhaps the most obvious methods of eco-friendly pest control out there, although they are generally more preventive than exterminatory. Keeping your home clean and tidy, with all food kept away in air tight storage containers keeps any pests from being attracted to the food in your home. Keep all the windows and doors to your home closed when they don’t need to be open, so that pests don’t have easy entry ways into your home. Consistency is key and will be the key to keeping unwanted pests away from your home

A proper pest control professional will often advise you on the best course of action should you be interested in eco-friendly solutions. Keep in mind that not all methods work in the same way, and this is why consultation with an expert is important, since their extensive knowledge is invaluable. In the end you should make your decision based on proper consultation and consideration of all the options that are available to you.

Here at Green Palm Pest control, we also offer green pest control options to our clients.  We strongly believe in the conservation of the environment and the prevention of pollution at all costs. We offer methods that ensure thorough extermination while also keeping the environment safe. Contact us today and learn more about what we have to offer. Our lines are always open and we operate even on the weekends for the clients who may be unable to monitor the pest control process in the weekdays.