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Pest Control and Extermination Service

Over 30 years ago, Darryl LeMaster, long-time residents of Palm Beach Country, Boynton Beach, Florida, identified the need for quality, customer-focused and innovative pest control services in their rapidly-growing hometown state.

Trained by Civil and Environmental Engineer Mario Ramirez and Master in Business Administration Michael Holden, Our staff has many years of combined experience both institutional and on the field.

We realize that we may or may not be the right company for you.  Getting information about a company allows you to know what you are buying, who are you…

Green Palm Pest Control Company | Boynton Beach & Palm Beach

Effective Pest Control Services in Palm Beach and Boynton Beach, Florida. Get rid of Termites, Coakroaches, Mosquitos, Bed Bugs, Rats, Fleas and More. 

Anybody living in the South Florida area is well aware that there is nothing more irritating than a pest infestation problem. From termite damage that could destabilize a house to its very foundations to dangerous invaders like scorpions and snake; you could very easily find yourself facing one inconvenience one day, and another in the next. This is why it is important to be able to call upon professional fumigation services or a professional pest control company that has years of experience under its belt, and very few do it better than Green Palm Pest Control Company.

What Do We Offer?

When it comes to our services, we offer a truly varied collection of numerous options. Simply put, we have a lot to offer.

Pest control

It can be quite the terrifying experience to have to deal with cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and other pests, especially over a time. These kinds of infestations need to be addressed early on in their onset; and could be disastrous if left unattended to for long periods of time. This is because these kinds of pests tend to multiply quite rapidly under the right conditions. If you are facing these kinds of pests, the good news is that we are only a phone call and a few minutes away. Not only do we exterminate these pests, but we also provide information regarding protection from pest related threats.

Termite Control and Treatment

Termites could spell doom to any upright standing structure that man could possibly build. They destroy anything made of wood, causing property damage worth millions of dollars each year. It can be difficult to find them in action because most of the time, we only see the damage that they leave behind. Always make it a point to contact us for thorough termite inspection services and extermination can proceed once the problem has been determined.

Rat extermination and animal removal

Small animals such as raccoons, squirrels and other small wildlife can be exciting to see at your home or place of work, but if left unattended can multiply very quickly. The same can be said of mice and rats, and their presence in numbers can cause unbearable disturbance that could keep you up at night. On top of this, they can be a danger to your health when they urinate and defecate all over the place. It is often common to find them in small crawl spaces such as air ducts, water pipes and so many more. The good news is that here at Green Palm Pest control, we are well equipped in removal of these exact types of animals. Our methods and equipment ensure the proper trapping and removal of these critters from the building in a completely humane way.

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Lawn Care Service

Folks in Southern Florida take their lawns very seriously. After all, lawns are places where kids come together to play, and people come to have a fun time outside. It follows then that a lawn in tip top condition is most definitely a priority for many for the aesthetic appeal as well as the property value. Believe it or not, lawns also suffer without proper care, developing weeds as well as housing dangerous pests such as crickets, spittlebugsand so much more. You need not worry about your lawn with South Florida Lawn Care professionals like us at our service. Our services range from the inspection of lawns to treatment and eventual maintenance of a healthy yard for you through our thorough removal of pests and treatment of palm trees, grass and shrubs.

Additional Services: Organic and Natural Pest Control

Thanks to our great concern for the protection and conservation of the environment, we aim to offer our clients green solutions to their pest control problems. Our environmentally sensitive approach to handling of household pests ensures that invading animals are safely and humanely removed from the afflicted areas. Always ask about our line of green pest control and extermination services and we will be happy to oblige. 

Since its inception back in 1985, the Green Palm Pest Control Company has since grown to offer pest control services in the West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Pompano Beach and Broward areas to date. Ours is the seasoned pest control service that the people of Florida have always trusted for the last 30 years.  

Once you notice an invasion of pests at your home, what you need is a fast responding service that gives you value for your money. Our staff consists of well-trained people who are fast respondents to the needs of our clients, having learned from professionals such as Civil and Environmental Engineer Mario Ramirez and Business Administration expert Michael Holden. We are an established family owned business with years’ worth of experience on the field, so you can rest assured that with Green Palm Pest Control, you get the exact professional service that you paid for.


Thank you visiting the website of local pest control service in South Florida & extermination service.  Green Palm Pest Control service in South Florida has been dedicated to providing Pest Control Solutions to homes, business, and communities since 1985.  The company does Offer competitive pricing, rapid response, professional staff, licenses required by state and local authorities, insurances, and registered and certified by numerous 3rd parties.

Effectively we service: Broward County and Palm Beach County. The main cities we service are the following as well as their surrounding areas. Please call for questions about an area not listed.

Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Coconut Creek, Margate, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Plantation, Diana Beach, Hollywood, Cooper City, Miramar, Davie, Weston, Hallandale Beach, Tamarac, Hapmton at Boca, Sandfoot Cove, North Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Greenacress, Wellington, Lake Worth, Lantana, West Palm Beach, and South Florida…