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How to Treat Termites? MABI system explained by Green Palm Pest Control

Video Transcription:

How to Kill Termites? How-To Termite control: the MABI system explained by an applicator | MABI USA

Ok so now we’re going to put the injectors plugs into the holes. This is testing so what we’re going to do over here, we’re going to do an exchange. We’re going to put one without the tube, and this tube that will as spread on a 360-degree angle. The liquid so we’re going to do 1, 1, 1 and 1. Now, as you can see it’s hard to put the tube. So, we get a mark it and cut it. So, we’re going to see– We’re probably going to cut it right here, to use the tube in. We may be able to save by using it

Now, put this in. Put this one in. The last one. You can use this. After this is in place, the purpose

is to use this injector tip to inject product into the area without having an issue of the product coming out.

Now, we’re going to see how that works. [Exert now] the pressure, and we can see that nothing comes up. Now we’re going to try this one with the tubing, and we’ll still see that nothing comes up. So, we’re going to try to saturate everything underneath this lab, and you see eventually we get the pressure to give us a failure. Today we’re doing this testing with water only. We don’t have any product; thus you can do it, you can turn it on by termite protective equipment.

All these openings you can see, show zero signs of product coming back up. Both, and the ones that had zero—There are two and the one that didn’t have any key, you get an equal result. There’s no problem about backflow, of the product and the liquid that we put it down, You’re going to see if there is a kind of failure here, here down, we’ll see one. There you go. I think this is pretty good. Okay. So, I think that it works really well. You can see any sort of liquid coming back up, and then that helps you. It reduces the cost of cleaning, and then reduce exposure of non-target pets or non-target humans. This tool is important if you want to cover with laundry, then you use it to sink the plugin a little bit, and then when it’s done, then you can then fill it up with concrete in case that you want it for different aesthetics.

We also have some mugs that’s fit perfectly in the hole, in case that in future you want to come back and reuse it, but I think it’s a solution that will

work very well for pest control companies.


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